Got Fruit Trees?

We know many of the backyards in San Clemente have trees loaded with excess fruit.  In many cases, much of that fruit goes to waste. We have a solution. At our November potluck, Claire Ghazal, of The Harvest Club was our guest speaker.   The Harvest Club is a program of the Orange County Food Access Coalition.… Read More Got Fruit Trees?

Thrive Alive

A “yummy and delicious” endorsement from a 6 year old doesn’t come too often with healthy meals, let alone when describing a raw entree.  Yet little Ms. Piper Olmstead enjoyed every bite of the Meditteranean Kale Salad that was prepared by local raw chef, Michael Miller. Surprised to hear that a raw KALE salad could… Read More Thrive Alive

Blanched Tomatoes

12 oz canned whole peeled tomatoes = about 2 cups or 1lb fresh blanched tomatoes                                                                        Food prep goes a long way even if you do it just the night before or morning of use.  I was doing some meal planning and prepping for this recipe called Chana Palak Masala, and it called for a… Read More Blanched Tomatoes