Fantastically Simple Summer Health

By Jane Pamphile

It’s that time of year again, where the whirlwind begins & it’s easy to get taken away and lost in it – Yes! Summer is upon us.  My hope is that you will choose well this year to keep true to your ideals, your goals, and your budget while managing the kids at home throughout the summer ;o).   You obviously have a desire to choose health for you and your family – but somehow during the summer months things can get swept under the rug because…

Here are some fantastically simple, healthy, good-shape promoting tips for you to embrace and enjoy with your family over these dog days of summer.


Eat one fruit meal a day!

We have an abundance of fresh, organic, locally grown delectable delights available to us (although we’re currently forced to drive to a few different locations to amass our harvest – Hence, Support SCCM!) especially in this season.

Benefit – this allows your body to maintain an alkaline pH (vs. acidic) naturally. All raw fruit is alkaline forming in the blood stream (even acidic fruits like citrus).  This also gives your body what it craves – glucose (fuel for or muscles & body systems). You are less likely to binge over your sweet cravings when you provide your body with the nutrients it needs (body needs glucose, not a snicker bar).  It’s also the best way to get 100% usable vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients into your system.


Start off all cooked meals with something raw to eat first!

Some cut up veggies & dip, a salad, fresh vegetable juice (unpasteurized).

Benefit – This increases the amount of enzymes in your mouth to aid with breaking down and digesting your meal.  It also increased the amount of nutrients that you are taking into your system that are 100% usable (Live Food before Dead Food).


Snack on raw fruits and vegetables throughout the day!

You will experience all of the above benefits, but the best thing is by following these 3 steps you achieve a 70% alkaline forming diet/raw food diet.

Benefit – Maintaining an alkaline environment in your body systems (naturally, with food) allows you to avoid fostering most degenerative diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart disease. You will look and feel fantastic!

Allow your family to eat (gorge on) as much fresh fruits and vegetables. For weight loss purposes – Yes vegetables are THE choice, but both are healthier than ANYTHING processed!

Keep your fruits and veggies readily available – washed, cut up, out on the table/counter or easy to reach for in the fridge.  The best model for your family is when you choose to eat fresh fruits & vegetables.  They will copy you more often than not “Oh be careful little (and big) eyes what you see.”


Stay as physically active as possible!

Find every opportunity to turn your routine into a workout – walking the dog: find your postural awareness and engage your core while Fido does his business.  Turn the walk into “your walk” that Fido comes along for. Bringing in the heavy grocery bags, towing the kids to & from the beach, dragging luggage across the airport – Keep your shoulder blades drawn back & down, and squeeze your glutes (boot-ee) at every opportunity.  Life is our opportunity to shine each and every day.

Benefit – producing over 18 different hormones that only get produced during exercise. Building strength, building muscle.  Looking & feeling your best!
Take time, each and every day to breathe!

Take a deep inhale, hold it for 3 seconds, and then gently exhale it all out. Do this at least 3 times a day. Your inhales should match your exhales.

Benefit – Breathing is central to life – to speech, singing, laughing, sighing, crying to living; Most of our energy requirements come not from food, but from the air we breathe; The key to a healthier, more energetic less stressful life is proper breathing; Deep breathing enhances your pulmonary capacity; Movement & exercise increase breathing & heart rate so more blood flows to the brain enhancing energy production and waste removal (detox); Oxygen burns up the waste products (toxins) in the body as well as recharging the bodies batteries, the solar plexus

It is suggested that you use as much organic, pesticide and locally grown produce as is affordable for your budget.  Now that you’ve got a summer time game plan – let’s play ball!

Jane Pamphile is a local nutrition educator, Pilates, yoga instructor & personal trainer.  She also works with assisted living and memory care populations teaching breathing techniques through movement.  Her nutrition education workshops and the San Clemente Family Wellness Program are taught through the BodyMovin Yoga and dance studio in Talega.  To find out details about the San Clemente Family Wellness Program go to or contact her at

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