The Making of a Locavore


In April, the third annual Locavore Index was released by Strolling of the Heifers.  It’s a state-by-state ranking of access to local foods from local farms.

The report rates states, on a per-capita basis of the number of farmers markets, consumer-supported agriculture operations (CSAs), food hubs, and the percentage of each state’s school districts with active Farm-to-School programs.

It may sound odd for such a report; however, in these times of accelerating globalization, the Local movement has been gaining momentum (ie. Buy Local, Slow Money).

And it’s proven.  Studies show that by supporting local farmers, more money stays in the community, more jobs are created, communities are better connected, transportation costs are reduced, time is saved and most importantly produce is delivered more nutritiously, as harvest time can be extended until ripeness for that shorter journey.

For 2014, top ranked states included Vermont, Oregon, Maine and Hawaii.

….and where is California?   38th!

Hard to believe with all the LOCAL  marketing we see and hear.

So how can California (San Clemente) move up in the rankings?  Easy!

First, be conscious of where your produce is grown.  Local farmers like South Coast Farms, J&R Organics, Stehly Farms, BeWise Ranch are the real deal — everyday stewards of the land, using sustainable farming practices.  However, there are hundreds of other farmers we need to support as well.  In San Diego County alone, there are over 348 organic producers.  In Riverside County, 145 organic producers.  Yet, our current grocers receive only a fraction of that produce with most of the share coming from the largest commercial growers.

The second way is to invest in your community by becoming a shareholder of the San Clemente Community Market.  We are developing the 1st full service co-op, grocery store that will be able to source from these smaller farmers.  In turn, making our families and communities stronger, Locavores.

Stronger together.  Join Today

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