SCCM Dissolution

Dear SCCM owners and community members, Thank you for your faith and patience in supporting this project. In reflecting back to our beginning in 2010, much has changed.  Organics were once scarce – now they’re everywhere.  Local organic farmers were unknown in Orange County – now stores and restaurants celebrate them.  Unproven genetically-modified (GMO) foods… Read More SCCM Dissolution

The Making of a Locavore

  In April, the third annual Locavore Index was released by Strolling of the Heifers.  It’s a state-by-state ranking of access to local foods from local farms. The report rates states, on a per-capita basis of the number of farmers markets, consumer-supported agriculture operations (CSAs), food hubs, and the percentage of each state’s school districts… Read More The Making of a Locavore

What is a Food Co-op?

The US Department of Agriculture defines a food co-op as a “user-owned, user-controlled business that distributes benefits on the basis of use.” Co-ops are unique in that they are owned and democratically governed by their member-owners—the same people who use their products or services.  Profits generated by co-ops stay in and benefit the communities they… Read More What is a Food Co-op?

Featured Local Business Supporter: Arpad Petrass Fine Art Photography

Through his camera’s lens, Arpad Petrass captures the beauty and awe of nature at its finest.  With more than 38 years in the Entertainment Industry, as a Scenic and Lighting Designer and the past 12 years as a Technical Director with Disney Creative Entertainment, Arpad’s trained eye and creative vision have combined to expertly express… Read More Featured Local Business Supporter: Arpad Petrass Fine Art Photography

Committee Meetings – March 2014

Outreach Committee — 7pm, March 4th, 11th & 25th We are the people that educate and enlighten others of San Clemente Community Market.  We need your help with organizing, articulating and telling others of our project. For more information, contact Sam, OR Laura,   Communications Committee — 6pm, March 10th & 24th. We… Read More Committee Meetings – March 2014