History of Cooperatives – Honest Food

Cooperatives have always been about people.  Check out this 4 minute history of how the cooperative movement evolved out of a people’s need:  Honest food for honest prices.  Rochdale, England 1844.  Cheers! To read more about cooperative, please visit Stronger Together.

Committee Meetings – March 2014

Outreach Committee — 7pm, March 4th, 11th & 25th We are the people that educate and enlighten others of San Clemente Community Market.  We need your help with organizing, articulating and telling others of our project. For more information, contact Sam, solmstead@sanclementemarket.com OR Laura, lengeman@sanclementemarket.com   Communications Committee — 6pm, March 10th & 24th. We… Read More Committee Meetings – March 2014

TedX San Clemente

  Recently, I noticed a post on Ojai’s Food Co-op’s Facebook site.   TedX, I thought. Pretty impressive! This past summer Jove, Christy and I met Michelle Dohrn at the California Cooperative Conference in Los Angeles.   Like us, Michelle is in the process of organizing a food co-op in her town of Ojai.  I didn’t really… Read More TedX San Clemente

Open Mic Nights @ The Coop

  When:    3rd Monday of Each Month, 8:00Pm – 10:30Pm Where:  The Coop, 1506 Calle Valle, SC Who:      Everyone What: San Clemente Community Market members and hosts Jason Soderlund and Melody Ryan welcome all musicians, artists, poets, comics and performers to attend The Coop’s Open Mic night. Come practice your new craft with an open… Read More Open Mic Nights @ The Coop

CASH choices, being LOVE?

I am happy to be a coop member-owner because it institutionalizes my values and goals to live locally and sustainably. I remember these values by my pnuemonic phrase-mantra: I value CASH choices being LOVE.  This mantra guides the many choices I make on a daily basis while being grounded in my values. I value: Consistent                                 … Read More CASH choices, being LOVE?

Its the newest Black

Community.  Its the newest Black! Notice how many times you see or hear the word Community.   Its used everywhere – politicians, clergy, administrators, media, marketers, businesses – they all tout Community.   There’s a reason for that.  We’re all looking for it and everyone’s more than willing to selling it. Interestingly, ask a few people… Read More Its the newest Black

Member Number 1499

Recently, I attended my friend’s son’s birthday party and was introduced to one of the other dads.  When he learned I was involved with the San Clemente Community Market, he asked how the Market was coming along. I said “great,” and out of curiosity inquired how he had heard of us.  Come to find out,… Read More Member Number 1499