Blanched Tomatoes

12 oz canned whole peeled tomatoes = about 2 cups or 1lb fresh blanched tomatoes


Food prep goes a long way even if you do it just the night before or morning of use.  I was doing some meal planning and prepping for this recipe called Chana Palak Masala, and it called for a 12 oz can of whole peeled tomatoes that I did not have.  In an effort to stay away from canned goods, I looked up how to make my own with the heirloom tomatoes I bought from our co-op’s Farmer Market Wednesdays.  Luckily, I read an awesome post from yahoo answers that gave a few pro-tips from someone who cans them.  You can see the easy set-up in the picture below: core, cross-cut, boil until skin tears, then dump in ice cold water.  The ice cold bath is the key in making the skin come off effortlessly 🙂

I learned that this simple process is called blanching.  I reckon it’s just as fast as reaching for a can and opening it with a can opener.  This quick and easy process of blanching my heirloom tomatoes  is one of many examples of how the co-op institutionalizes my values in our local community and sustainable living.  Amen, co-op! (in the non-denominational-omnipotent-universal way that is)

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