Thrive Alive

A “yummy and delicious” endorsement from a 6 year old doesn’t come too often with healthy meals, let alone when describing a raw entree.  Yet little Ms. Piper Olmstead enjoyed every bite of the Meditteranean Kale Salad that was prepared by local raw chef, Michael Miller.

Surprised to hear that a raw KALE salad could be so enjoyable? Well, I think there are three key preparation secrets Michael gave us to help replicate the successful results:

 1. The stems of Kale leaves are very fibrous and laborious to chew and digest, so the first key step is to de-stem before prepping the kale leaves.
Prep tip: Tear two spots at the base of the stem and pull your fingers downwards along the stem with one quick motion.

2. It’s not as intimidating to eat a salad if the pieces of kale are chopped into thin and small pieces.
 Prep tip: Stack and roll de-stemmed kale leaves up in one roll and chop into 1/4″ slices with a rocking motion.  Take one final slice down the length of the kale stack.

3. To achieve the “cooked” texture, you massage in a dressing that helps break down the fiber in the kale.  This step will wilt your kale down in volume similarly to when you cook spinach and it shrinks so be sure to prep enough.
Prep tip: You have the freedom to use any variations of oil, sodium and acid to make your dressing.  For the cooking class, we used salt, olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

The evening continued with a Zucchini Pasta and Chocolate Mousse; all were well received and enjoyed by all attendees, including the children!  Of course the Chocolate Mousse was a crowd-pleaser.  I was surprised and impressed by the restraint Tristan Olmstead exhibited by slowly enjoying his decadent triple berry mousse to ensure maximum enjoyment 🙂

I was so pleased to see little ones on board and thoroughly enjoying all the raw food options Michael shared last night.  Community events like this gives me the hope that we can slowly re-balance our health and bring it back to more whole foods and plant based eating.  It was a successful raw food event and we hope to have more in the future, so don’t be too bummed if you missed out on this one.


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