Got Fruit Trees?

We know many of the backyards in San Clemente have trees loaded with excess fruit.  In many cases, much of that fruit goes to waste.

We have a solution.

At our November potluck, Claire Ghazal, of The Harvest Club was our guest speaker.   The Harvest Club is a program of the Orange County Food Access Coalition. It provides fresh, healthy food to the hungry in Orange County by harvesting excess backyard produce and donating it to local food pantries (ie. FAM, religious organizations and community centers).

Claire said they are always seeking new backyard growers as well as volunteer harvesters here in San Clemente.   So if you, or someone you know, have fruit on trees to spare, please register your trees at The Harvest Club.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer harvester, please contact Claire at: .

And check out their video too!

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