Does anyone remember the TP shortage?

I had a great conversation with a friend today, and it started with TOILET PAPER (TP).  Since I define sustainability as learning about my choices and how they affect my health and the earth, I thought I would ask her if she still buys standard TP vs. the eco-friendly versions.  To my surprise, she said she’s been conscious of TP forever, but more in relation to the inclusion of dyes and such, and that she had never bought into the colored TP craze in the 70s. Random, I know.

Do YOU buy eco-friendly toilet paper?

The truth is, I still buy my toilet in bulk from C***Co, because I can only implement and switch so many habits at any given time!  Nobody is perfect, certainly I’m not, but I’m doing my best to transition and grow towards a more “sustainable” lifestyle.  The great news is sustainability in my book is expansive and progressive, which can be tackled from any facet in life.  My journey has started with FOOD but intertwined in baby-steps with everything in between (bulk buying, reduce plastic purchases, exercise, etc).

I figured my best bet to live more sustainably is to connect with my community and see how we can strengthen the local economy through collective food demand and sourcing.  While I may be lacking on the TP side, I am proud to support our growing market providing organic produce that is minimally packaged and collectively more “local” than the Peru, Ecuador etc. varieties.

Sustainability is a perfectly sticky topic because there’s a give and take in anybody’s life with loads of room to grow and learn.  I don’t have many answers but would love to hear your thoughts and actions towards “sustainability.”

Visit me and Barb during our market hours: Tues, Thur 2:30-6:30p She’d like to find someone who remembers the TP shortage, and I’d like to listen in on the convo 🙂

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