November Harvester’s Pot Luck

When:    Thursday, November 21st, 6PM
Where:  The Coop, 1506 Calle Valle, SC
Who:      Anybody

Come join us for an evening of cheer, and learn about The Harvest Club of Orange County.  We will be having a special guest speaker, Claire Ghazal.

The Harvest Club of OC helps people with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables they cannot or would not harvest themselves, and donates the food to the under-served with our volunteer harvesting teams.

This is a community event.  All are welcomed!

What should you bring?  See where your last name falls:

  • A – G:  Appetizer
  • H – L:  Salads
  • M – R: Main Dish
  • S – Z: Desserts
    & your beverage of choice.

For example, if your last name is Johnson, then you would bring a salad and beverage of your choice.


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