2013 Board of Directors Retreat


October 12th, we made history again.  It marked the 1st San Clemente Community Market Board of Director’s Retreat.   And being local [and cheap], we were blessed to be able to use Surfrider Foundation’s beautiful facility.  Thanks Chad!

As you may recall, in July we has some new “blood” come aboard as new Directors of the Board – those folks being Ashly Fox, Kristin Underwood and Petti Van Reckom.  For that reason, we agreed it would be good to have some time together, reflect where we’ve been, plan for the future and just get to know one another.  And that’s what we did.

We started the day at 9am, with a open session posing three question about the SCCM project:

  • “What speaks to you?”
  • “What makes SCCM unique?”
  • “What are the needs of San Clemente?”

Then we shared our responses, and reflected on our Vision statement:

  “To create a community-owned market dedicated to strengthening our local economy and ecology by providing high quality foods, goods, and education that promote personal well-being.”

Interestingly, we all mentioned the word “community” many times, while none of us mentioned “personal well-being.”   Although, it may seem like a minor issue, we decided that we should readdress this at one of our upcoming Board meetings and possibly redraft the vision statement.

Finally, for our afternoon session, we discussed our short and long term goals; and discussed if our current committee structure could achieve those goals.  We finally agreed that we should focus on three working committees:

  1. Outreach:  To educate and recruit new owner-members.
  2. Member Relations: To make our organization stronger.
  3. Communications: To be the voice of our organization.

In the coming months, please look for these Committees to be scheduling meetings, as we can greatly use your assistance in making our project a success.  If you would like more information about the committees, please email Laura at lengeman@sanclementemarket.com

For a more detailed summary of our event click here.


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