Leek Techniques

Never cooked with a leek before?  It’s easy!  I had never cooked a leek until recently since we bought a case of them for our SCoOp Market.  Barb Gross and Karen Terry gave me a couple of helpful techniques to prep the leeks, so I took pictures of the last prep session I had.

1.  You’re gonna want to wash out your leeks by slicing it in half, lengthwise.  Wash each half and chop the white and light green parts into the size your recipe calls for!  Note that if you peel the layers, you can continue to chop the light green parts from the inner leaves.


2. Karen Terry goes the extra mile and puts the chopped bits into a bowl of water to let the dirt settle to the bottom while the leek stays afloat. You can choose to skip washing your leek after you’ve got it in half and just count on the bowl method to do all your cleaning.  Rustle up the chopped parts and let gravity do its magic.


Once you’ve prepared your leeks, use them as called for in your recipe and Bon Apetite!




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