Santa Ana’s and High Tides

Thanksgiving is always a time to reflect and be thankful for the year’s harvest.  This one, with the warm Santa Ana winds and astronomical high tides was no exception.

It was only a year ago, that a group of us, strangers started meeting in borrowed space at the San Clemente Art Supply.    Our goal was a humble one – to research the possibility of a community-owned grocery store here in San Clemente, the San Clemente Community Market.   At the time, we were developing a common vision, a mission statement, a feasibility study and a timeline- not to mention, still getting comfortable with one another.

Forward a Thanksgiving later, the group has accomplished those goals, solidifying that common vision, developed a business plan, bylaws, and a corporation.  We have even become friends.  Who would have thought?

Our borrowed space was traded for a 500 square foot warehouse space that we transformed into an office and a community room, aka: The Coop.   Now The Coop has become a free asset to the community as a gathering spot for community issues involving health, nutrition, wellness and youth.  Currently, our events include free acupuncture clinic, open-mic nights and after school tutoring programs. See our Calendar.

Yes, this year I am very thankful.  I am thankful for the community members, those strangers who took a chance and stepped forward to make this vision real.  I am thankful for my family and their patience in supporting my volunteer endeavor.  And, I am thankful for what the future Santa Ana’s and high tides bring us.

I can only wonder what next Thanksgiving will bring us.  Can’t you?

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