Stewardship Recognition

Sam Olmstead accepting the award from Bishop Finck.


I guess its better posting late, than not posting at all.

Earlier this year, I was asked by our church’s Pastor Jeff Frohner (Our Saviors Lutheran Church) if I would like to be nominated for a Lay Ministry award for my volunteer work with the San Clemente Community Market.  My first thoughts were, ‘I didn’t know the church cared about such things,’ but agreed to the nomination.

In May, I discovered that I was to be presented an award for my work at the Evangelical Lutheran Pacifica Synod’s conference in San Diego.  The conference was themed, “Keeping Creation”  and nominees were chosen for their leadership in the stewardship of the earth.

It was a sizable event with over 400 attendees from the Pacifica Synod consisting of all the 125 Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Southern California and Hawaii.

Hanging out with Richard Louv (with halo).

On Friday, the key note speaker was Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods and most recently The Nature Factor.  For parents, Last Child in the Woods is a must read as Richard coined the term Nature deficit disorder – a psychological disorder found in children that don’t receive enough nature. Symptoms include low attention span, depression, hyperactivity, ADHD, etc…

His newest book, The Nature Factor delves into even more evidence of the therapeutic effects of nature.  Of coarse, I got him to sign a few copies, as I admire the work this man is doing.

As for the Lay Ministry awards, those were presented that night.  Interestingly, most of the awards were related to food:  feeding the homeless, developing community gardens and improving food access.  Obviously, something’s going on with food in this country!

And for our awards.  We were given Echeverias, succulents.  You can’t eat them, but they’ll always remind me of the importance of man’s Stewardship to the Earth (even if I forget to water it).

Non-edible award.


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