Progressive Dinner – August 2013

When:    Either Saturday, August 10th OR Sunday, August 11th, 4:00pm – 8pm
Where:  At Your Home
Who:      Only folks that RSVP to

A Progressive Dinner!

Members Sue O’Brien and Christine Johnston are organizing a Progressive Dinner!   The way it works, is we need four hosts in four different neighborhoods!

Neighborhoods being:

  • South San Clemente
  • North San Clemente
  • West San Clemente and
  • Talega.

Couples that sign up for the dinner will be assigned a course that they prepare and serve at their home.

The evening will progress with an hour at each couple’s home to enjoy good food and good neighbors.

  1. The first home would serve appetizers.
  2. The second home would serve either soup or salad and bread.
  3. The third home would serve the main course.
  4. The last home would serve dessert

The theme for the first event is a Hawaiian Luau, so each course must be tailored to Hawaiian food.

People will have to sign up for a neighborhood near them. If we get too many people signed up, we will have to set up another neighborhood to accommodate.


This is NOT a potluck, so only the people (8 max) signed up per neighborhood can attend.

The goal is to build community and raise a bit of cash for the center, so if we have 4 homes in each neighborhood participating and we have a total of 16 people, and each household contributes $10, we should have about $160 at the end of the night. We are proposing Sunday, August 11th, but we would also consider Saturday, August 10 if needed. The event would run from 4pm to 8pm.

If we don’t get enough people to sign up, we may need to eliminate a neighborhood, or a course (soup and salad, for example) so that we can be flexible enough to make it work for those who really want to participate.


I need you to RSVP and let me know your interest.

Sue O’Brien

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