Upcoming 2013 Board Elections

On July 27th, the San Clemente Community Market is having our 2nd Annual Member Owner’s Meeting & Board of Director’s elections.

The Board of Directors is an important function for any cooperative, as they are the “voice” of the democratically run organization.  SCCM has a larger board than most not-for-profits with nine board members.  Per our bylaws, board terms stagger in duration with one, two or three year terms, and board candidates have to be member for at least six months prior to nomination.  The reason for this, is to limit board member turnover, and ensure a consistent cooperative knowledge and culture carries forward.

This year the terms of Board members Laura Engeman, Susan Parmelee and George “Mike” Prescott are up for reelection.

Vying for these positions we have some great candidates:

  • Petti Van Rekom, Professor & Workplace Improvement Consultant
  • Jovelyn McLennan-Murray: Community Organizer and Barista
  • Ashly Fox,  Realtor
  • Kristin Underwood, Solar Installation Consultant

And what’s most exciting, is that we are blessed by having such a pool of talented people committed at carring forward the vision of developing the first full-service Co-op grocery store in Orange County.

Member Owners:  Please keep your eye out in the mail next week for the official candidate’s ballots.  Votes can be returned via mail or better yet, please come to our Annual Membership Meeting@ The Coop.

When:    Saturday, July 27th, 9:00Am – 10:30Am
Where:  The Coop, 1506 Calle Valle, SC
Who:      Member Owners
What:    2013 Annual Meeting & Board Elections


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