One Hundred Members and Growing

We finally crossed the 100th membership mark last month!!!  Yeehaa!!!

Spring welcomed the San Clemente Community Market with six new families joining, bringing our total membership to 105.   This is quite an accomplishment as we are a volunteer, grassroots effort with no corporate sponsors, no government subsidies or bailouts.

Now we are 105 families committed to the vision of creating the first Co-op grocery store in Orange County, here in San Clemente — a grocery store owned by its customers;  sourcing quality locally-grown organic foods at fair prices; distributing profits back to its members; connecting directly with local farmers; and strengthening the social and economic fabric of a community.

Currently, there is a wave of over 300 Co-op’s in development throughout the United States.  Many have told us the first 100 member mark is the hardest….  followed by the next 100, and next 100.. etc.    But bring 1,000 families together to create a sustainable, eco-conscous business isn’t accomplished overnight (especially in the Orange County, lets face it).

But we’re doing it.  And now our movement is growing.  We have 105 other who will tell others, who will tell others, etc.  That’s how grassroots works.

Come join us in making our summer goal of 200 Members!

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