Free-ball Mushroom & Greens Stir Fry

I make this quick & easy stiry fry once a week and I love sharing it with others!

I learned the secrets of the trade from Barb who you’ve all met at our SCoOp Market, she’s the awesome one! I use a mix of mushrooms and whatever greens I have on hand (usually kale and spinach) so it’s never the same any time I make it but always just as delicious as the last.  There is no recipe because it’s always variable amounts, just general instructions – hence the “free-ball” label.panshroomstirfry

– Mushrooms, chopped (for button mushroom size, into 1/3 or 1/4)
– Greens, chopped
– Garlic, minced-ish
– Ginger, chopped (optional)
– Coconut Oil (oil of choice)
Liquid Amino Braggs (tamari or soy sauce)
– Pepper

Instructions:– Put oil in pot (I use my dutch oven) and heat over medium heat
– Place mushrooms in pot and stir to spread oil more evenly,
– Cover pot for 5-10 minutes to release all the water from the shrooms, stir occassionally
– Mushrooms are ready when they are shrunk and singed-looking
– Squirt your Liquid Amino Braggs or alternative and Pepper
– Toss in your garlic and ginger, stir around
– Throw in your greens and mix until cooked

TA DA!!! Enjoy your easy stir fry.  I look forward to hearing your success stories!



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