Asana Fit Helps Build a Healthy Community

Your latest owner-members want to strengthen your body not just on the outside, but the inside too and they’ve got a great idea how to do this.

jessilynnEven better than this, they want to use yoga to encourage locals to also eat healthy and join the Co-op. Seems like we all have that goal, but how might a yoga studio be uniquely positioned to do that you ask?

Jessilyn & Bruce Gilbank, owners of Asana (ah-sah-nah) Fit yoga studio here in San Clemente already have the exercise component down through classes offered at the studio, but for anyone who purchases an annual pass at Asana Fit in the month of March, they will pay for your lifetime membership so you can also become member-owners here at the Co-op. Kind of like a buy-one-get-one-free for your health! Seems like the Co-op is kinda the perfect avenue to offer that healthy eating component, particularly now that we have opened our weekly all organic Farmers Market (Tues/Thurs 2:30-6:30pm). Even if you don’t know your Om from your Namaste, we think getting healthy on the inside and out, while encouraging more folks to join the Co-op sounds like a pretty great idea to us!

How might you do that through yoga, you might be asking yourself? Well, the studio offers a, “sanctuary for exploration and transformation through expressive healing arts, using the power of dance, yoga, fitness, and meditation to empower people in finding true health and deeper spiritual connection. We strive to provide clear instruction with a safe, strategic, but soulful approach in offering programs accessible to everyone, regardless of age, experience, or background. We honor and appreciate the uniqueness of every individual and make great effort to effectively adapt our practices and processes to accommodate individual needs.  Our classes, workshops/programs and private sessions offer a myriad of ways to heal ourselves on all levels… giving us more tools to move through the world, living and expressing ourselves authentically.”

Whew, sounds like pretty heavy stuff. Basically in a nutshell, “Come explore your edge, discover your strength and awaken your spirit.” Ahhhh.

When you step through the front doors of the Asana Fit studio, you feel as if you are transported into a soothing, spa atmosphere. Located just steps off of Del Mar on Ola Vista, the studio is a tranquil space in the middle of busy Downtown San Clemente. Calm, meditative music and sweet smells invite you further inside, as you browse the shop while waiting for your class to begin and by class we mean anything from the relaxing Yin Yoga to that wild  Zumba.

Asana Fit, which opened in 2007, was the first yoga studio in San Clemente. Over time, they were able to expand into the space next door so they actually have two studios with more space for more classes. Today their repertoire offers a huge variety that helps fit whatever mood  and physical health you are in. A sampling of their courses includes, Pilates, Zumba, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga hour, Yoga for Teens, Heated Yoga, Hot Power Fusion. And if that’s not enough for ya – they have a whole myriad of workshops, trainings and retreats, to completely round out your practice. Double whew! Even if you’ve never tried yoga, there are both heated and non-heated rooms, as well as experienced teachers who skillfully offer modifications for every pose so everyone walks out feeling successful about themselves and their practice.

Their lovely boutique inside offers a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of Del Mar. Even if you’re not interested in taking a class, you can find plenty of great gift ideas, cute workout tops, great reads on food and health, and of course plenty of yoga mats.

Know someone interested in the Co-op but who might need a bit of a gentle nudge to get them through the door? Here is the promo again in case you missed it: Asana Fit is offering to pay for the Lifetime Membership (owner equity) in the Co-op for any member who purchases an annual pass at Asana Fit in the month of March. Word on the streets is she’s already had a few takers! Even if you’re already an Owner-Member of the Co-op, Asana Fit has an ongoing deal 10 days for $10. That’s less than $1/day and that is a steal!

See you on the mat – Kristin Underwood

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