Produce Committee Update

In August, when we started the Farmer’s Market Wednesdays, it was a social experiment.  And it succeeded.

Since then, our members have been blessed by abundantly, fresh, locally-grown, organic produce from local farms such as BeWise Ranch, Stehly Farms and Mount Moriah Farms.

Now, with days shorter and nights colder, we are faced with another challenge – the local harvest has peaked.

As a fully volunteer organization, this has created a new challenge.  So on Wednesday, November 7th, our produce committee members gathered at the Coop to discuss what to do.

Surprisingly, at that meeting we welcomed two new member-owners (check & application in hand)  into our fold, Barbara and Bret Gross – retired career grocers (Alpha Beta), with over 70 years produce experience (Note: Now you may find this incredibly coincidental, but this is the freaky shit that keeps happening to us.  Some describe as the power of Cooperation!)

So what was going to be a meeting of amateurs, turned into an education from the zen masters.  With the Gross’s guidance, we narrowed our options to one, source through a reputable organic produce distributor.  Although, this does have some drawbacks such as not being directly connected to our farmers, it will however, provide our members a greater variety of produce and be easier to administer and operate.

So our sourcing priorities will follow as: 1.) local produce, 2.) Southern California, 3.) greater California, 4.) neighboring states, and 5.) other western states.  Additionally, we will require the origin of farm.

As a sample of our new abilities with a distributor, for the week of November 12th, we will be ordering for Thanksgiving:  avocados, apples, bananas, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, lettuce, onions, oranges, pears, potatoes, squashes, tomatoes and yams.

Obviously, we will still make every effort to source directly from local farms whenever possible; however, we are member-owner driven and it is our responsibility to meet the growing needs of our member-owners;  organic, local and fairly-priced.

If you have any ideas for future produce orders, lets talk about it at The Coop.


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