CASH choices, being LOVE?

I am happy to be a coop member-owner because it institutionalizes my values and goals to live locally and sustainably. I remember these values by my pnuemonic phrase-mantra: I value CASH choices being LOVE.  This mantra guides the many choices I make on a daily basis while being grounded in my values.

I value:

Consistent                                  BEING
Attainable                                   Local
Sustainable                                Organic
Health                                         Vibrant
CHOICES                                   Eco-friendly

You may be asking, how does the co-op institutionalize these values?  My participation in our Farmer Market Wednesdays is a great example to illustrate how this choice is related to the works of the co-op while being perfectly aligned with my values!

C – EVERY wed                                               BEING
A – window for pick up is 4 to 7p                      L – 4mi bike ride/60mi transport
S volunteer based operation                          OBe Wise Ranch, CCOF
H – fresh produce = max nutrients                    V – health and happiness = vibrant living
CHOICES                                                         E – BYOBag & locally sourced

The beauty doesn’t stop there though!  The heirloom tomatoes are so delicious that I buy them in copious amounts and am often inspired to implement new habits like blanching my own tomatoes instead of buying canned whole peeled tomatoes.  The money I spend to purchase the fresh produce not only nourishes me and empowers me to minimize toxic exposure (like that from BPA lined cans), but it also supports a local farm while minimizing the carbon footprint to transport the produce.  It’s a sustainable train of choices and habits that never ends.  Come on board and join the sustainable train I like to call the co-op.  “Coop, coooooooop!”




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