Twice in a Blue Moon

As we close out the last days of summer, we end August upon a blue moon.  Although the term blue moon is used as an expression, “..once in a blue moon,” its lunar definition describes an extra full moon in a calendar quarter or within the same month, an event occurring every 2.7 years.

The last blue moon happened in March 2010.  I remember that month well, as twenty of us, San Clemente locals met at San Clemente Art Supply discussing how to develop a Co-op grocery store in San Clemente.    Some of you were there.  It was an energetic and inspirational meeting where we talked of our common dreams and vision.  That energy sparked us to continue meeting, and many meetings have happened since.

Now we have come full lunar cycle to another blue moon, and again, the event is corresponding with much energy and enthusiasm brought on by new owner-members, a new Board of Directors, new community events (see: raw cooking 9/13) and our new weekly Farmer Market Wednesday’s, where Co-op members get local, organic produce at wholesale pricing – our first tangible Co-op benefit!  Yeah!

And the next blue moon? Three years from now, we can only imagine for what we’ll be responsible: healthier diets, sustainable communities, nurturing families, new friends, a thriving local economy — all a result of twenty neighbors developing a Co-op grocery store.

Whether its the cosmic energy of the blue moon or a persistence vision, it doesn’t really matter.  The San Clemente Community Market is truly a project once in a blue moon, developed for many blue moons to come.   Join Us!

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