Congratulations New Board Members!

The election is history and the San Clemente Community Market has four new Board Members!

Congratulations goes out to our new board members:

Bill Carson
Susan Parmelee
Raul Ferreira
Mike Prescott

You’ll be joining the veterans:

Marissa Floyd
Laura Engeman
Devon Azzam
Mary Ross
Sam Olmstead

We feel both honored and privileged to have such talented and diverse community members step forward and join our board (See election bio’s).  This is what makes cooperatives stronger!

Its also hard to believe the first year as a “corporate” entity has passed.  As an interim board, officers, and founding member-owners we did it all: policy, procedures, administration, events, fundraising, communications, dry-walling ….. an endless list.   For this, my heartfelt thank you goes to last year’s retiring, interim board members, and to their families for sharing them.  For if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have gotten to this point.

Thank you to Jeremy Illenberg, Jeff McClure, Bryan Johnson, Wendy Berube, Chad Wilcox and Melody Ryan for all of your additional efforts and more importantly your time – time away from your families for this Co-op.  You made our Board meetings both productive and fun.  We know you’ll still be showing up at future committee meetings to have a beer…. or two.

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