Soon to have a New Board!

Hold on to your hats, folks, because the market is getting ready for its next big growth spurt!  Meeting notices and ballots were mailed to all member-owner of record last week, and with that we’re quickly heading into our first elections to the Board of Directors!

Looking back it seems like everything happened in the blink of an eye.  Though it didn’t seem like that during those four long months the Steering Committee was making the transition to the Interim Board.   Watching the mail every day for the market’s Articles of Incorporation was tough as we figuratively paced the halls of some old-time maternity ward in excited anticipation of our long overdue baby.  The infant market’s business license, fictitious business name, bank accounts, and all the other get-down-to-business stuff was on hold.  I wasn’t until late last August when Sam Olmstead was able to put his $300 share purchase check on the table and in that moment become San Clemente Community Market’s Member-Owner No. 1!  Gosh, they grow up so fast…

Like raising a child, amazing things happen when people work together for their common good.  This market is for our families and our community, and cooperatively collaborating to accomplish its goals is easy, whether it is by becoming a member-owner, working as a board or committee member, or taking on other tasks as a volunteer.  Each of us can play a vital role.  Nurturing this properly licensed, incorporated, and governed cooperative is what will make San Clemente Community Market a place our entire community will be proud of!

Thank you, candidates, for stepping up to take on the Board’s vital roll!  Good luck to all!

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