Its the newest Black

Community.  Its the newest Black!

Notice how many times you see or hear the word Community.   Its used everywhere – politicians, clergy, administrators, media, marketers, businesses – they all tout Community.   There’s a reason for that.  We’re all looking for it and everyone’s more than willing to selling it.

Interestingly, ask a few people how they define Community, and you’ll find each person responds with a totally different definition.  Some relate it to neighbors.   Others define it as gated.  For many, its their faith.  And a growing number of others receive community virtually.  Either way you definite it, these communities make up our Community as a whole.  They are part and parcel, the fabric that holds us all together.

This is exactly what we envisioned when we named our Co-op the San Clemente Community Market, a grocery store to be owned by and serviced to the greater need of our Community.  By each new member that joins us, they bring not only their family’s needs, but those of their communities and thus shape our Market’s direction.  There are no other businesses or organizations that can accomplish what a Co-op accomplishes.

And for me, Community is that gathering place in the common, last week’s military parade, neighbors watching out for each others’ kids, and the vision of shopping at a Co-op that reflects the many, many communities of San Clemente.

Cooperation. That’s Community!

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