Member Number 1499

Recently, I attended my friend’s son’s birthday party and was introduced to one of the other dads.  When he learned I was involved with the San Clemente Community Market, he asked how the Market was coming along.

I said “great,” and out of curiosity inquired how he had heard of us.  Come to find out, he had been receiving our emails for a few years now, but hadn’t really understood why it wasn’t happening.

“Well, we’re in our membership drive.” I explained. “We’re at fifty-two family-owners, and when we reach our goal of 1500, we’ll negotiate an actual store location.”

“Then I want to be member number 1499,” he replied jokingly.

Though joking, he really meant it.  Most people want to be member 1,499.  I would want to be member 1499.

It’s just human-nature, as we all seek comfort in the herd.  Knowing if “everybody’s doing it,” it must be alright.

Unfortunately, we all can’t be member #1,499, as it requires 1498 brave souls to come before us?

Therefore, I ask, let’s not follow the herd.  Let’s assert our faith in ourselves, as individuals that can take control of our community — individuals who can work together and invest in our self, our family and our community.

Let’s not be numbers — we’re humans.

Together we can be the 1-1498 that bring the market to our community.  But only if we step outside of our comfort zone, break away from the herd, and join today.

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