Inspiration of Cooperation

Every so often I like to check in with other Co-op’s around the country.  One that I pay of particular interest is the Monadnock Community Market.  I was first introduced to Bonnie Hudspeth, the community organizer via a co-op educational webinar in 2010.  Bonnie’s co-op is about two years ahead of ours in development, and at that time they were facing many of the  same challenges that we are currently facing — time management, membership development, and overall community education.

What’s inspirational is that since that time they have grown from a few member-owners to over 700, and have secured a property!  And this is in a city with a population a quarter the size of San Clemente.  Just think what we could accomplish.  Watch this video, a New Wave of Co-ops and see for yourself.  Ciao.

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