Cash Mob – April 13, 2013 @ 11AM

localThe mob is coming to San Clemente, but it is a good thing. This mob is part of the latest online fad called a Cash Mob. Its name comes from another online fad, the Flash Mob.

You remember hearing about these, where huge groups of people synchronize their watches and break out in songs and dances at strange places like the mall.

The two types of mobs share some characteristics, such as using social media to promote and bringing together a wide range of people for a common event. But the Cash Mob doesn’t require any performing arts talents, and its goal is much more important than simply to entertain.

This mob is all about bringing the community together and making a positive impact on local businesses. The idea is simple: everyone shows up at one local business on the designated date and time and agrees to spend $20. The business must be locally and independently owned, and ideally should be very community oriented. In this case, you’ll be supporting a business that has its hand in helping build a stronger and healthier community here in San Clemente!

After shopping, the mobbers retire to a local watering hole for a celebratory drink.

In the spirit of building community, the San Clemente Community Market is organizing a San Clemente local Cash Mob. The actual business that we will be mobbing is going to be kept secret, but we will be meeting at our Coop headquarters located at 1506 Calle Valle. For now, just mark your calendars for a few hours of fun and meeting new people on Saturday, April 13th, at 11:00AM.

Come and be part of a positive force in your community! Look for updates on Patch and on our facebook page. Tell your friends! We want to be mobbin’ as big as we can to support such a great local business who is an active part of our community.