2012 International Year of the Cooperative

We are extremely excited to be starting a new year on such a historic moment, as the United Nations has declared that 2012, is the “International Year of Cooperatives.”

The reason – to create a global platform to celebrate the business model that puts people and communities first.

Most people don’t realize that cooperatives are a part their daily lives.  Just in the United States there are over 29,000 existing cooperatives, with over 350 million memberships.  And, if you are not a member of a co-op, I can guarantee that one touches your life every day.

Just to name some of the co-ops that you may interact with each day include organizations such as SchoolFirst Credit Union, Orange County Credit Union, Serra Preschool, REI, Cabot Cheese, Land-O-Lakes, Sunkist and of course, the San Clemente Community Market.  We are everywhere, including all credit unions and mutual insurance companies.

Cooperatives are enduring institutions here to stay.  Empowering people to come together and build great things.  We hope that if you are not a member of a co-op, now we provide you that chance to join the movement.

For more information about the International Year of the Cooperative and the role cooperative businesses play in communities, visit www.2012.coop.

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