Proud to Be a Founding Member

I first heard about the efforts to bring the first cooperative market to Orange County in the Fall of 2010. Searching for a CSA and finding something so much better I decided to check out a meeting and ended up continuing to attend meetings. I was excited to be a part of something that was doing something to solve a fundamental need in my opinion – knowing where my food comes from, and having a voice in how it is sourced.

We have accomplished so much since the initial meetings, establishing the foundation for a community minded organization centered on bringing transparency in its operations and quality in its product to a community that is demanding it.

We continue to drive momentum in the movement for bringing a unique and community focused cooperative market to San Clemente. We are energized by the efforts of volunteers and they remind us exactly why we decided to show up to our first meeting. Throughout this process I’ve had the opportunity to meet an amazing group of people. A group dedicated to changing the world if only by starting with our own small corner of it, dedicating time, energy, and even financial resources to move San Clemente Community Market to the next step in the organizational process.

Our campaign to drive founding member-owner share purchases recently launched. This is a critical step in acquiring the financing to hire the project manager and get the plans for development of the actual physical store in place. For only $300 you can be a part of bringing the positive effects of San Clemente Community Market to our community.At each event we participate in we appreciate the overwhelming support we see from the community. Now is the time to show that support and become a founding member-owner. Keep an eye on the event calendar to see when the next meeting is. We look forward to meeting you and hearing why you think supporting San Clemente Community Market is not only worthwhile, but worth investing in.

Marissa Floyd, Marketing Committee Chairperson

Marissa is a Southern California native who moved to San Clemente in 2003. Marissa has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management and has worked in the technology industry for the past 5 years.  Marissa is a full time stepmother to three teens and is always looking for ways to sneak in healthy food and continue to wean her family off of processed foods (not helping her win any popularity contests). The kids still aren’t quite sure what is so special about a grocery store that she should devote much time to it, but she can’t wait for them to enjoy it as much as she knows she will.

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