Food Activist Pamm Larry Talk: Labeling of GMO Foods

On June 25th, we were honored to have Pamm Larry, founder of speak at The Coop.  Pam discussed the upcoming California Ballot initiative to require mandatory labeling of genetically-modified, food ingredients.  You will be hearing more about this in the coming year.

For those not familiar with genetically-modified organisms (GMO), they are the results of the scientific manipulation of genes in plants and animals.  Typically, it is the insertion of a desirable gene trait from one organism into the genes of another organism.  Most GMO’s would not occur in the natural world, as the organisms used cannot naturally reproduce.  Example of this are bacteria with a plant, and a fish with a plants.  This is why scientist have to use E. coli  in the process to assist in the transferring of the genetic material.   Additionally, because these plants produce pollen that can spread hundreds of miles, there is no way to control the contamination with organic crops fruits.   Currently, it is estimated that at least 0.7% of all labeled organic foods are tainted with GMO’s.

I am grateful that Pamm is inspired to run with this cause, and we look forward to having her come back in the Fall, when the ballot initiative will begin.  If you would like to learn more, please visit

Lecture Series: Labeling of GMO Foods, with Pamm Larry from San Clemente Community Market on Vimeo.

The follow video is of the event.  It is 38 minutes long.

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